How we review games

Critical Odyssey’s reviews are not written with the intention of being consumer advice (but hey, if you buy a game because of something a review said; cool!) Instead, the focus is on in-depth analysis of what Andy thought worked, what didn’t, and why.

As such, there’s no scoring system, merely a collection of reasoned observations that you’re free to agree or disagree with.

You’ll also notice that it’s not just new games that are covered, but a mixture of old and new. This is because Andy believes that there is definite value in evaluating videogames away from the media circus of their release periods (and also because he has a really loooong backlog that he wants to get through.)


Critical Odyssey will not cover gaming news in the same way that IGN or Kotaku covers gaming news, instead simply highlighting anything Andy finds interesting enough to share. All sources will be credited.

Frequency of content

Critical Odyssey’s output is reliant on the freelance work that Andy has on at any given time, so occasionally he may go dark for a few weeks. If you don’t want to miss out on new content, follow either Critical Odyssey or him on Twitter.